SpeedFusion access from Home

Let us say that I have 7 ADSL connections with 4 Mbps speed is running in my office via peplink 710 and one ADSL connection with normal ADSL modem router in my house.

  1. Is it possible to utilize SpeedFusion on such cases without needing a second peplink in my home? If yes, please give the guide to implement it. if not possible, then let me know other technologies especially open sources such pfsense that can do this implementation possible.

Because for me it doesn’t make sense to use another peplink at my home in order to utilize the SpeedFusion features available in my office.I have seen the diagram of Bonding via VPN and SpeedFusion with peplink devices, one on each side.

Please advise

@aliamer, what are you trying to accomplish?


Thanks, Peplink Team for your interest to resolving my issue.

Sorry, Peplink Team,
I may have misunderstood the main purpose of peplink SpeedFusion.

The use of SpeedFusion is to bond many internet services giving you a total internet speed of the all connections. It is accomplished via built-in VPN technology available in the peplink. This means, it is different than load balancing. By bonding we can achieve higher throughput and Redundancy. For example, bonding 2 LAN interfaces will provide Higher Throughput and Redundancy (for fail over).

In the same way, peplink with SpeedFusion should have the same purpose by bonding multiple WAN connections. That is, if i want to access any data from the other side where i have SpeedFusion implemented, throughput should increase due to bonding. Hence downloading will increase.

Peplink SpeedFusion provides a combined bandwidth as a single connection. Therefore, peplink should provide a higher internet speed for downloading and browsing from the internet.

In other words, SpeedFusion Bonding is similar to LAN Bonding where the Total Throughput on The Bonded connections becomes higher.

If this is what is the intention of peplink SpeedFusion, then i am asking peplink Team to help me implement peplink 710 in my office with 20 Mbps (5 ADSL lines) and then connect to my office from my home with 4 Mbps (one ADSL line) via VPN.

can this be possible?

If yes, then what shall I do to get this working? Is it compulsory I use peplink technologies at both ends to achieve this?

Today, I have discussed this case with my boss and started thinking on buying peplink balance for branch offices so that they can get more internet speed by connecting 2 or more ADSL lines on the peplink. I have to give my recommendations on this issue. We may request at least peplink balance for 5 branch offices. This will be our first phase. May be after 25 days we will be buying peplink balance for all branch offices depending on their internet speed requirements.

Then, in the second phase, I will start, the SpeedFusion recommendation so that our main office will get more download speed from USA office and then in turn, the branch offices will get more download speed via our office. OR we can connect all offices including the branch offices directly to USA office to get more download speed.

Now, i have read a lot about SpeedFusion and i came up with a decision to use peplink 710 with SpeedFusion at the main office and peplink balance 20 for home and branch offices.

can this achieve my goal?