Speedcloud Settings for Best Live Streaming

Hey All,

I recently picked up a Peplink UBR LTE. I’m planning to use it for the first time this weekend to attempt to bond a few weaker connections into one stronger connection for live streaming. I’ve been reading and watching videos all day on how Speedfusion works and am trying to figure out the best settings to use in a live streaming scenario.

My use case:

1.) I’ll be streaming from an ATEM Extreme ISO to Amazon IVS (whitelabel Twitch stream).
2.) I don’t care if there is delay. I imagine I’m going to have delay of up to 1 minute. All I really care about is that the video gets there with enough bandwidth so it doesn’t stutter.
3.) It is possible I will be struggling with each connection to meet the upload requirements for the stream. I would like to stream at 6-8 mbps but I’m in a weird scenario where I might only have 4-5mbps on each connection. But I should have 3 different options. Two cellular and one wifi.

I assume I will want to turn the buffer up on Speedfusion to like 100ms to make sure I don’t drop frames. But if I have like 3 connections how do I get them to play nice and increase the overall speed of the connection? Wan smoothing and other settings seem to increase bandwidth usage to reduce dropped packets in the interest of latency but, I’d love to simply send packets across the different connections to increase the overall speed. Is this possible?

I’ll do what I gotta do, but trying to understand how this all works so I can get the best result out of a tough situation.



I suggest you just set all your active connections to the same priority in the SpeedFusion cloud settings. This will bond them together in the default settings. Do NOT use WAN smoothing as this will duplicate your traffic over multiple connections and effectively reduce your available bandwidth for the live streaming. FEC might help you with packet loss … it does me. You’ll also want to go into support mode (your device’s ip address/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi) and select SpeedFusion Cloud Distribution. This will take you back to your SpeedFusion Cloud page and let you select Dynamic Weighted Bonding which is optimized for cell connections.

Hope that helps