Speed Fusion VPN Fail Over for P2P & Broadband Environment

hi Peplink,

Good day. Just want to check with you, I got one scenario for speed fusion VPN.
Main link using P2P lease line, if the lease line down it will fail over to ADSL broadband.

Is there a way to configure the SpeedFusion not to switch back the high priority link when it just back online - only switch back after xx minutes detected stable without failed again.

Because we encounter one issues is that, if the main P2P link is intermittent up and down, so it cause the tunnel up and down not stable.
Any idea can solve this kind of scenario?

We can adjust the WAN Health Check parameters for your P2P lease line - increasing the Timeout, Health Check Interval and Health Retries - this will give you a long enough “confirmation interval” til Peplink considers your WAN is back on stably. And only after then SpeedFusion will use it.

hi Kurt, in this case what is the value can increase?

currently I already set:

timeout: 10
health check interval: 10
health retries:5
recovery retries : 5

I did check with Chung Lai before he mention cannot do that, and he mention ask me to do features request, maybe u can check with him. thanks

Lai is right. As soon as Peplink confirms a WAN is back on, SpeedFusion will use it. This is today’s behavior and there is no reason to change it.

What you encounter is intermittent WAN link so what you need is to increase the WAN Health Check parameters for your P2P lease line - so Peplink will use a longer timeframe to access and determine your link status. And for this we have the WAN Health Check - Timeout, Health Check Interval and Health Retries parameters.

I see you have already increased these parameters. If it still doesn’t provide a long enough “confirmation period” for your jumpy P2P lease line then maybe you need to increase them further. Optional values varies link by link.