Speed fusion - port allocations

With this new speed fusion, does it use the same number of ports to establish, as per the site older bonding does? That is: Ports opened and established between two points = N Wans at site A x N Wans at site B? i.e. for 3 WANs at A, and 2 WANs at site b, we get 6 ports sharing the load??

For two WAN’s from one ISP at one site, Does it need to have different subnets on the WAN’s, to create two sets of the Site A-B pairing? Or will the Peplink see the duplicated subnet as one, and only establish a single port through one of the two WAN’s?


Yes it should be. Implementation in terms of data port is largely the same - only the default data port number is changed for better compatibility.

And SpeedFusion supports bonding two WAN of the same subnet.