Speed fusion cloud bonding problems

Hi everyone having problems trying to bond 2 SIM cards both have similar speed and latency but anytime I do a test I get the same speed as one card. I have made sure to route all my traffic through the vpn tunnel. Saw some comments about mut being sent wrong. Has anyone has similar problems. I am using a max transit dueo. Man thanks

Both set to Priority 1?

Hi yea both sims are set to 1 priority and have been though all the other steps. Opened a ticket a few days ago but no reply as of yet.

Ah ok. I presume FEC and WAN smoothing are both off? WAN smoothing will eat up 50% of your bandwidth as it uses both WANS equally.

FEC on low will use about 13% and high I believe 33%.

Yes both are off didn’t realise fee was so much but very handy to know

Just a sanity check: You have installed a license for SpeedFusion for the transit duo (MAX-TST-DUO-LC-SF)? Without that your VPN connection is using only one of the cellular radios for the SF connection.



Is this transit the primecare edition or the regular one?
Can you post some pictures of your vpn settings?

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