Specific Things Don't Work, Max Transit LTEA

Hi all, I’ve had a MAX Transit LTEA for a couple years and it works well, but only if I really dumb it down. Whenever I have to factory reset it (usually because I’ve messed it up by playing with it), I do the same tests. First, I put in two SIM cards. It never works with both slots filled – it won’t connect to either. If I use just one of them, they both work in either slot, AT&T and Verizon. The dual SIM option is the reason I have this router but I’ve never been able to use it.

If I try to use priorities (I’d like WAN to be Priority 1, Cellular to be Priority 2, and Wi-Fi WAN to be Priority 3) it only works for a few minutes. It will not work again until I disable everything but Cellular (or everything but Wi-Fi WAN). Priorities would be nice instead of manually switching back and forth as needed.

Is there a setting I should be checking to allow either of these things? Or should you be able to (a) add two working SIMs and (b) prioritize connectivity just right out of the box? Thanks!

Yes, you should be able to slot the two SIMs into the unit and simply go. But see below.

However, it is not clear from your message whether you are deploying a transit DUO (two active SIMs at any time, up to four SIMs altogether) or a single-modem transit (one SIM active, up to two SIMs altogether).

If it is the latter (sounds like it) then only one SIM will be active at any point in time (there is only one radio…).

You decide which one (or don’t care, or a preference). If the (preferred) one fails to connect/has run out of its quota/… then the unit fails over to the other (and there are a few other scenarios). The failover/preference conditions are set in the “Cellular Settings“ pane.

Btw., if you are using IC2 then your configuration files are backed up automatically, multiple generations deep. You can restore from these, without having to go through the tedium of a factory reset And configuration. Or simply download your (working) configuration from the system pane before embarking on experiments.



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what only works for a few minutes? some more details are needed.

Sorry for the delay. The Transit has only one modem and two slots for SIMs. Let’s say I have SIM1 (AT&T) and SIM2 (Verizon), and both will work if they are the only ones in the Transit. If I have SIM1 in slot 1 and all is working, then I unplug it, add SIM2 to the second slot, and plug it back in, I am unable to connect to it again. There is no Internet connectivity. I unplug it, take the slot 2 SIM out, and it boots back up to working again. I’ve also tried this with SIM2 in slot 1 to start – same thing happens.

I usually have to factory reset it when I’m unable to get to it at all. Various reasons. I always have a backup of my config, just in case.

@mystery I meant the router continues with good Internet connectivity for a few minutes and then connectivity stops. No failing over to another connection. I take away all but one of them and I have connectivity again.

My response was probably off-target, then.


No, it was good to get confirmation that putting two SIMs in should just work. I’m not sure what’s wrong. I’ve been using other hotspots and WiFi WAN instead of the second SIM slot (manually switching to it), which is a bummer.

It is probably time to register a problem ticket (https://ticket.peplink.com/), and to contact the vendor that sold you the unit. Unless it is under PrimeCare (or similar) support I expect the warranty is long expired, but they should be in a position to help anyway.


I’ve always had PrimeCare on it so I’ll open a ticket. Thanks for kicking this around!

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