Specific Interface is enforced but traffic goes through different interface

I have configured outbound policy as enforced for one interface(eg wan1). but the traffic is actually going through another interface(wan2)
why this is happening?


May I know any other Outbound rule on top this Enforced rule?

Please open ticket for us to take closer look on your Outbound Policy.

I am friend of blazeon and here are my observations. This is pertaining to VPN connection and wanted to keep connection with WAN1 only now initially appliance was configured to probe for DNS testing to check the health of WAN1 connection which was failing; later I changed the health check to PING and found that link is now stable and did not observe any logs in event collection.

Now pertaining to the issue mentioned yes the traffic flows over WAN2 though it has been enforced to stay on WAN1 and this rule is on TOP.

BTW other query I had is since I do have 380 balance how many tunnels I can configure on this appliance or is there any limitation for configuring tunnel or do I need to procure licenses?

Hi Blason,

Thanks for your explanation. Can your side help to open ticket for this case?

For number of supported VPN tunnel, you may refer here for more details.

Thnks for your help

Yes I have opened an ticket with peplink support to have them look.