Specific inter-vlan routing

Hello All,

I have been asked to configure a Peplink 380 in a specific way and I am new to this bit of equipment. We have a Peplink that has VLANs set up on it that correspond to VLANs on our Netgear switches. I assume this is done with tagging although it looks like the Netgear VLANs are untagged.

We have a printer that will go onto its own VLAN and would like all of the other 25 VLANS to access this printer VLAN and vice-versa. However, we do not want the VLANs to be able to talk to each other.

From reading this forum I have gathered that the best way forward with this would be to enable inter-VLAN routing on the Peplink then use the firewall to configure the individual VLANS.

Is this a viable method for 25 VLANS? It might take a while but it’s a one-off config. Is there another way to do it?

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi - welcome to the forum!

Yes this sounds right.


  1. Enable inter vlan routing on the vlan config for all vlans
  2. Deny all routing between vlans in the firewall (by changing the default rule from allow to deny)
  3. Add specific rules to allow traffic to just the printer

If you have a spare WAN port on the Balance you could put the Printer VLAN on that.