Spam & Virus Firewall Behind Balance One

Does Anyone have any experience with implementing Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewalls behind any Peplink Balance models?

  1. Looking for in-site on how you would drop one of these in behind a Balance. What it would look like.
  2. If it actually works well.
  • I am looking at the Barracuda BSF100A for spam filtering for our emails. We get tons of spam. We have 2 ISP going to a Balance One then out to Gig switch then out to computers, IP Phones, AP’s. Not quit sure how these Barracudas work and how to drop them into the network.

I have used a Barracuda Spam appliance with a Peplink balance doing load balancing at the perimeter - but it was at least 6 years ago. In that deployment, the barracuda appliance was on the LAN of the Peplink and we port forwarded SMTP to it from a dedicated external IP on the WAN of the Peplink.

I have lost touch with that company now, but know that they were looking to move Spam Filtering to a cloud service to reduce the amount of bandwidth required to deliver the spam to the appliance to then be rejected (500 mailboxes in MS exchange).

I don’t see why you would have any issues with the Barracuda Appliance on the WAN of the Peplink in Drop in mode.


Thank you, it’s much appreciated.