SpaceX Starlink could be an opportunity

For those of us in rural areas all over, SpaceX Starlink is very interesting!

If it provides 100mbps - 1gbps bandwidth options to customers, many of us will jump at it the moment it’s available, even if there are initial bumps as the technology is brand new of switching between satellites, as there are only the minimum number of satellites available at the start vs. more later to make it smoother, etc. etc. On reddit a few people said they’d be thrilled to have it even if it were only available some hours of the day to start until more satellites launched!

It promises to be so much faster than anything available to many rural areas, that many of us will want to get it the microsecond it’s for sale.

This could be a good opportunity for peplink products to compliment the launch.

An unbreakable connection using the brand new spacex starlink for amazing speeds especially where many want it as early as possible and with peplink speedfusion providing a seamless unbreakable connection with 4g/lte/dsl/etc. for a seamless backup sounds like a great combination.


This would be useful for maritime connectivity as well!

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