SOTG Wired connections via DHCP or static settings

Two related requests:

  1. When set in Wired mode, the SOTG does not offer the ability to release and then renew a lease when getting the WAN settings via DHCP. It will only do so via power recycling.
  2. Similarly, when switching WAN from static settings to DHCP, the SOTG will not obtain a lease - the WAN settings remain as ‘N/A’. again, a power recycle is required to effect this change.

Can you share the steps how you do the testing? I tested unplug then plug back the WAN cable, the WAN connection was resumed with the same dynamic IP.

I tested this is working fine. The wired WAN managed to grab IP after changed from static to DHCP.

Since you have a ticket with us, I suggest simulating this in your environment with our technical support. I will include this into the ticket.


Regarding the first item, I wasn’t being very clear!! The issue is that if I have an ethernet cable plugged into one network on power up, the SOTG does get an IP address via DHCP. But if I then unplug that able, then plug one in from an entirely different network, the SOTG does not get a new IP address from that second network. This may not mimic normal use, but for testing purposes I sometimes want to undertake testing using my workstation (the first network) and then test an actual system that is completely independant of my workstation - specifically the SOTG is connected to a WiFI radio that provides the SOTG with a WAN IP etc via DHCP. Except the SOTG will not release the original IP information unless I power cycle the SOTG

I will retest the second item and get back to you.

Have you enable health check? If not, please enable and test again. My SOTG managed to grab IP from 2 different networks.

Are you saying that health check has to be enabled in order for the SOTG to detect a change in the WAN settings? That does force the SOTG to recognize a change in network connections, and I suppose for testing purposes that works, but its a pretty clumsy approach, particularly since health check is not typically enabled for how we configure the SOTG. So, back to my request - can you simply add a ‘Refresh’ button on the WAn portion of the Settings page so that if the network connection is changed I can simply request a refresh? This is not an unusual feature, it is offered on several different routers, even ones that are far less expensive that the SOTG!

BTW, is there any progress on having the SOTG NOT drop the LAN WiFI when switching between Wired and Cellular modes?


We tested LAN Wifi never drop when failover/fallback between wired and cellular WAN. Support team will work with you to observe the reported issues.

Hi TK.

I’m aware that WiFi does not drop when automatic failover switches between Wired and Cellular mode! Which is why I raised the issue that WiFi does drop when switching between Wired and Cellular mode manually vis the Dashboard!. It seems to me that if no drop is encountered when switching automatically, shouldn’t the WiFi also NOT be dropped when switching manually?


Jeff Riley confirmed this issue exists (dropping WiFi connections when switching manually between Wired and Cellular mode) - his email of Feb 13th, 2017:

Hi Phil,

Thank you for your patience with me while I worked to get caught up again, I have had the opportunity to lab this up and test, my findings are in-line with your observations. As a WiFi LAN client I was dropped when manually switching both ways, from wired to cellular and back again. I then loaded up a more recent firmware version and retested to find the same results.

I have been coordinating in real-time with the engineering team for testing while at home and will contact TK and engineers this evening to determine what our next steps will be. I hope to have some news to report tomorrow. Thanks again for your patience with me Phil, I will pass along news as soon as I have something substantive to report.

Has there been any progress on getting this fixed?

We target to fix this in the coming major release. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the update. And do you have any idea of the timeframe for the new release?

Checked with the team. No ETA at the moment.

Thank you for your patience.


Look forward to getting the new release. In the meantime, I just received 5 SOTGs for resale, and see that the firmware is now version 1.0.28 build 1278, but cannot find that firmware version for download, juts build 1274. Is build 1278 available for my customers to download and install on their systems?



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We will update the firmware download URL for the firmware version 1.0.28. Thank you for sharing your concern here.