Sonos with BR1 and two AP’s

I have a br1 5g and two peplink access points, one each on two floors.

in installing Sonos, I can get the upstairs to connect to my app but when I move a speaker downstairs, presumably on that access point, it can’t be found. Not on same network error message.

Im not trying to create a separate sub network.

is there any way to get these two systems to work together?

sorry for the newbie question.

Just a couple of sample points:
I have found Sonos speakers to be somewhat temperamental - sometimes requiring restarts to get them to respond (not to mention the all-too-frequent refusal to play unless a required update is performed).
With that in mind, I have found Sonos Play:1 speakers to work (mostly) well as long as they are all on the same VLAN, and the controlling app (be it on a laptop or an iOS device (we’re an Apple family)) is also on that VLAN.
This works at two locations, each with multiple Sonos speakers on multiple peplink access points managed through Peplink routers (a B380 and an HD2, respectively).

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I didn’t try to create a separate vlan. I just have two AP’s. I’m happy with everything - both - on the same one. How do I ensure that?

If they are all on the same LAN then my experience may be irrelevant. Unfortunately.