Sonicwall TZW 180 behind MAX BR1 - VPN Not Connectng

I have a MAX BR1 - LTE US ( PepWave ) with Cellular connection to local T-Mobile cell site.
I have configured the PepWave to be in bridged mode, i.e. set on IP PassThru.
I have connected the LAN Port # 1 on the PepWave to the WAN port on a TZW Sonicwall router. The router is getting a WAN IP Address from the T-Mobile network. My Local Network on the Sonicwall is set to My internet connections from the computer on the LAN behind the TZW work fine. I have setup a VPN connection on the TZW to a TZ-210 Sonicwall in my office. I have several active VPN connections on the office Sonicwall, so I know the VPN feature is working in the office.

I have configured the VPN session on the TZW to use the IPSEC address of the WAN Side of the TZ-210 router. From the notebook on the LAN behind the TZW I can ping this public Wan IP.
Since the WAN IP address on the TZW is “Private from the T-Mobile Network” I cannot enter any IPSEC address in the VPN configuration on the TZ-210 ( Office router ), so I entered
I have similar VPN configurations for other remote sites, that do not have a static IP address on the WAN side of those remote sites. However, when I ping the Office WAN IP address from those sites, it brings up the tunnel and all works as needed. However, for this PepWave / TZW bridge, when I ping the Office Routers LAN IP address it is unreachable over the VPN Tunnel. Even if I put the the actual private wan IP address from T-Mobile Cell site into the Configuration of the VPN in the office router for the TZW / Pepwave system, I cannot get the tunnel to come up.
Has any user successfully established a VPN Tunnel between to Sonicwall routers over the MAX BR1 ( in Bridge Mode ) on the T-Mobile cellular ( Or Cellular ) Network ?

Note I tried to upgrade the firmware on the MAX-BR1 but it indicates I have lasts version 6.3.0


I found you opened a support ticket for the issue. We will follow up with you using support ticket.