Some sites like and to pass ONLY one WAN of the 4?

i have peplink 580 with firmware 6.3.2 and 4 wan lines connected and 1 lan with 200 users …Is there a way so some sites like and to pass ONLY one WAN of the 4? thank you!

Simply create an outbound policy rule under: Network> Outbound Policy.

Source = Any

Destination = domain name (

Using the priority algorithm allows for failover but you can also force this traffic out a particular WAN without failing over using the enforced algorithm.

Hello abo990,

This can be accomplished by establishing rule(s) in the “Outbound Policy” area. You can find detailed information related to configuration here.

You will want to select the “Enforced” algorithm to specify a specific WAN link for the traffic associated with the rule and define separate rules for each destination. Be sure to include other host names associated with a particular service, ie. YouTube has several domains associated, you can find the domains associated with YouTube here.

Please let us know if you need further assistance or additional clarification.

Thank you abo990, have a great day!

Thank you for the information. I will procede with these changes within a month and i will contact you for anything else