Some good news for a change... Need some advice

Hi all,

One of the local ISP who is running fibre is willing to bond multiple connections to their internet backbone :slight_smile:

So i was aiming at take 4 100Mb/30Mb to start with from them… which bonded is 400Mb/120Mb for around 650usd and one 75Mb/15Mb from another provider…

Now on the Peplink Balance would i be able to do isp fail/load balance between the 2 isp ?.. meaning that the 4 links from the one isp … no load balancing… but some failover and load balance between the different providers ?

i hope my question makes sense.


This is interesting.

  1. Can you confirm you will get 4 physical cables from this ISP?

  2. May I know how many IPs you will get from this ISP? Each link has an IP or 4 links shared same IP?

  3. Can you share who is the ISP? I still thinking of the integration.

Thank you.