Some Feature Requests


I have written a topic in the getsatisfaction community before regarding some features which would be great if you could add to the firmware roadmap. now again I have to remind them again

1- Ability to enable/disable firewall per WAN link

2- IPsex VPN capability along with certificate support

3- Bandwidth management per client or remove the 3 default groups for bandwidth management on 380 and above

4- ability to create traffic quota per client

5- multiple IP address on LAN ports

6- VLAN capability on LAN/WAN ports

7- Automatic / scheduled system backup

8- ability to reset / obtain the admin password in case of forgotten without resetting the unit to the factory default

9- more troubleshooting tools such as dns checking / web connectivity checking / packet sniffer / etc …

10- ability to health check a WAN link by response time and packet lost rating something like “best path routing” algorithm on x-road devices.

11- user-based bandwidth management and ability to authenticate Microsoft Active Directory users for bandwidth management

12- more network reporting such as top user report / top application report / top URL access / etc…

13- more management capability such as SSH CLI / Console CLI

14- ability to connect a WAN link by using PPTP / L2TP VPN connection

15- Wimax USB dongle support

waiting on this requested features on new firmwares.

Thank you so much.

Hi Hootan,

Thank you for your comprehensive list of feature requests. The good news is a lot of them are already on the roadmap. You will definitely see them coming along in future releases.

I assure you that all these feature requests will be considered and discussed in our product meetings and your comments will never be ignored. We take every feedback very seriously.

Thank you again.

I think that Hootan is asking for some useful features.
Is it possible, pretty please, to have a roadmap that shows what is being developed currently?

Thank you very much,