(SOLVED) VPN Client to get connected to PepVPN


does somebody know any option to get connected to a PepVPN without a router. My client has some external coworkers who needs sometimes VPN access. Is there any Windows 10 client being able to to get connected to a PepVPN Hub?

SpeedFusion is not needed of course. the staff needs normal network connections only.

Any idea?

Thank you.

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Gr. I.

I have found this feature under “Remote User Access Settings” …

If I download the OpenVPN Config, only the internal IP of the WAN Interface is used. I had to replace with the real external IP. Also the port forwarding from modem is necessary, which is normal, of course.

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Where is the “Remote User Access Settings”?

For the balance routers the information is on page 205 of the manual, the section labeled “Remote User Access”