SOLVED USB tether Google Nexus into SUS-AGN1 Surf On-The-Go

Will a Nexus or Pixel that is Project Fi compatible work with the SUS-AGN1? It seems really strange to me that the actual, LITERAL standard for an Android OS phone couldn’t work here and isn’t on the modem compatibility list.

I want to buy the SUS-AGN1:

And receive tethered USB Internet access from a Google Project Fi phone:
(I haven’t purchased the service or a phone, yet.)
Tethering is permitted.

But, there are only a few supported phones for Project Fi:
(Click on “Compatible Pixel and Nexus phone models.”)


Project Fi works with the following Nexus models:
Pixel XL Model G-2PW2100 (North American version)
Pixel Model G-2PW4100 (North American version)
Nexus 5X Model LGH790 (North American version)
Nexus 6P Model H1511 (North American version)
Nexus 6 Model XT1103 (North American version)

None of those are listed as compatible with Peplink products:

A search through the Peplink forums:
gives me only six (5 + 1) topical posts, but all of those are related to devices merely using the Peplink routers, whereas I’m needing to know about USB tethering compatibility.

Will one of these phones work to tether with the SUS-AGN1?

Thank you!

p.s. I originally learned about your product just a few hours ago, from:

USB tethering and USB modem driver are working under different method. For the supported USB modem list, we actually did not include the USB tethering devices as normally android phone should use the standard driver for the USB tethering.

From time to time, Engineering team will pickup some of the Android phone model in the market to verify the USB tethering compatibility to make sure the tethering driver are working fine. Again, we can’t actually test all the variant android mobile phone in market as there are too many of them.

The android phone in the market that included for the testing : Samsung, Nexus, Xiaomi and etc … (Not all the variant for the phone vendor) and so far is working fine.

The commitment from us is that, if you having any issue for the USB modem/tethering, you are welcome to contact Peplink support and our engineers will assist you in getting the modem to work through. Detail info can be found using the the following URL:

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Aha! I see the distinction, now. In reality, I don’t care about USB modems at all for my concern. The answer is that Android phones in general should basically already work fine for USB tethering.

After reading your answer, I looked at that Modem Support page again, and found this video, which also clearly explains that regular tethering is also supported:

Thank you!