[SOLVED] MAX HD2 with EE UK stuck on "Obtaining IP address"

We are currently trying to set up a MAX HD2 (HW5) for use in UK with carrier EE
The device has been previously used in Germany without any issues.

The issue now is, that the SIM Cards are Stuck on “Obtaining IP address”
The SIMs are recognized correctly and appear to fetch orange carrier settings (APN)


We tried:

  • manually set up APN
  • manually set Carrier
  • working SIM from a Phone (EE carrier)
  • working SIM from a Phone (Vodafone) → also did not work

No can it be, that our Max HD2 does not work in UK at all?
Or are there some country-specific settings we have to consider?

Are these UK SIMS or non UK did you enable data roaming checkbox?

If its the 5G sim card data package, they only work inside a mobile phone, they check the MAC address on device connection I guess.

Thank you guys so much! I figured the problem and I’m slightly embarrassed.

Apparently, the wrong antennas were connected, which caused a very irregular signal. However, why it still showed good signal strength as well as 3G/LTE I don’t know.

But alas its fixed now :smile: