SOLVED: Max BR1 Mini Cellular WAN Continually Resetting

I wanted to share an issue that support was able to solve for me to help future Google searchers.

I have a Pepwave Max BR1 Mini where the cellular WAN was continually resetting. Inserting a SIM or removing the SIM did not change the behavior. I was not able to check the cellular firmware using the support page at all.

Peplink support was able to diagnose the issue as my WiFi as a WAN signal being too strong, I had the hotspot next to a mesh Wi Fi point and that was somehow overwhelming the cellular signal.

The solution was to move the hotspot a few feet away from the mesh point.

Very impressed with the Max Mini and with the support I received. Thank you!


Thank you. This was a lifesaver. I was pulling my hair out because it was resetting all the time and had the exact same problem.