[SOLVED] Importing Surf From Amazon.com to UK?


I would like to use the Surf Soho MK3 as my home router but all the sellers in my country are selling it for a much more expensive price than Amazon.com.

So I would like to ask here if there would be any issues with me importing this router? Such as it having perhaps US region specific firmware I would need to replace when I received it and maybe a region specific warranty.

Of course the problem with importing it is the different power standards between the UK & US. So importing isn’t an option.

Always a challenge. Peplink’s pricing the US is cheaper than here in the UK. Other vendors do that too and I’ve never really understood why.

Nope. A US device will work in the UK but you’d need a power adapter to make the US plug fit our sockets.

Do you really want to import one though? Buying it locally means you get local support.


Thanks for pointing out I was mistaken about the power input being an issue.

For the cost saving I’m willing to forgo having the support of a local IT equipment seller as I will at least have Amazons customer support service to deal with if I ever need seller support.

Is outer diameter of the DC jack 5.5mm?

2.1mm diameter x 5.5mm length dc barrel center pin positive.


Hello @Joe_24,
Be aware that no Peplink Partner (at any level anywhere in the world) is allowed to sell online except on their own company website domain. Peplink/Pepwave devices on Amazon, eBay and other places are only allowed from individuals selling second hand equipment, not Peplink Partners.

When you by locally from your Authorise Peplink Partner and local integrators, you support people like @MartinLangmaid who contribute their time here in the Peplink Forum to support all those with the brand. Amazon, eBay and other places will not give you any technical support and do not contribute to helping people in how to get the most in using the purchase.

Choose wisely, what goes around comes around (going cheap often comes back to bite).
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help guys, I’ve decided that as Amazon.com aren’t in that Authorized Peplink eTailer program I will pay the higher cost to buy this router from a retailer in my country who is in this program.