How do I request an RMA?

If you purchase the hardware for products through a Peplink Certified Partner or Authorized Reseller, please contact them directly to request an RMA or for support.

Alternatively, if you purchase the hardware directly from Peplink, please click HERE to submit a ticket.

Click HERE to learn more about our Warranty policies.

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Is an authorized reseller?

Hello @Michael234,
Simple anwer is NO.

This has been previously answered here

Public selling sites such as Amazon & eBay (just to name a couple) plus Socal Media Platforms are forbidden for all Peplink Partners to list pricing on and sell directly. Using Social Media for marketing is Permitted. The only place Peplink Partners are allowed to sell any Peplink|Pepwave equipment is online through their own company domain name (examples and and then only certain products may have pricing listed (simply none of the big-ticket items, generally most things under $1,000US). All Peplink Partners are all made aware of this as part of the onboarding process (it is clearly in the terms).

In Australia, the majority of Peplink Partners have for now withdrawn all pricing from their websites and just list the products.

The only exemption to a price being listed outside of a Peplink Partner’s own domain name, that we are aware of, is if an individual is selling second-hand equipment, they must not be associated (such as an employee, contractor, reseller) with any Peplink Partner.

If you do see something, please report it to Peplink and they will look into the listing.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. I will add this to my website, which I just updated earlier today with a suggestion not to purchase from Amazon.

Interesting that Amazon is, at times, listed as the seller, even for new devices. Wonder where they get the hardware.

Velocity series products can be listed by Peplink approved “E-Tailers”

Blue-Chip products must not have their prices publicly posted

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I had bought a Balance 20 from Amazon Warehouse deals for literally 75% off.

It looked like new condition and firmware update went smoothly. That’s where it ended, started locking up on me and hard factory reset wasn’t working. Ended up with a solid red status light.

I ended up returning it before the return period ended.

Amazon Canada seems to only sell the Balance 20 direct.

I admit though returning items to Amazon is much better than most places. Especially when you have to pay for shipping and a « restocking fee ».