SOLVED: FusionHub stuck "Updating Routes"

Thought I’d potentially save other people the 2 days I spent trying to figure out why my Max BR1 was stuck on “Updating Routes” connecting to Speedfusion Hub on Vultr even though the VPN seemed to be routing perfectly on both ends and the hub connection was “established”. On the FusionHub I changed Network->LAN->Connection Method to "None’ from the default “DHCP”. I suspect FusionHub was trying to give my BR1 an unroutable NAT address instead of the routable IP of the FusionHub. Hope this saves at least one person some time…


Welcome to the forum!
Good problem solving work - but next time do ask sooner. We’d have got you up and working moments later :wink:

I read every discussion about the issue in the forums and didn’t see that solution. Most had to to with overlapping subnet addresses, IPv6, and firmware mismatches. In any event, for anyone looking to get onto their local network through constantly changing nonroutable IP addresses, it works like a dream!

You’re right it wasn’t on the forum (it is now - thanks), but I had it happen to me earlier last week so would have been able to answer quick :wink: