Solution Request

Dear Guys ,

consider the following network chart :

Here is the goals :

1- connecting two sites to each other so that all VLANs can see each other.
2- both microwave links ( 2 x 375 Mbps) must be used at the same time with load balancing and fail over.

please give me some advice. in my mind we should use 2x BPL-2500 so that we could achieve 750Mbps SF throughput, but I wanted to share it with you and see if you have any advice.

and here is a question : How much packet overhead we have on this amount of bandwidth when using SF ? 10% ? 15 % ?

Thanks - Hootan

Hi Hootan,

Yes, you should use B2500.

The overhead for SpeedFusion is about 20%.

Thank you so much.