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I’m looking for a bonded solution that can provide a reliable 1.5mbps bandwidth over 3g/4g for real-time video streaming. My understanding is that I need the PepWave Max and something like a Pepwave Balance 710 to accomplish this? Would I then need two sets of USB Modems (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon) one in each of the boxes to split the data on the sending end and another set on the receiving end?

I also need 256-bit AES encryption for the data streams. Is that included with the PepWave Max or is this another product? Lastly if if have (10) PepWave Max units sending data streams which model of the balancing hardware would I need to process the streams before distributing via my internal LAN.


Jon Andrews

Hello Jon,

Thank you for your interest in the Pepwave/Peplink line of products. It appears that you have a great handle on what is necessary to get you what you need. Basically what we are looking at here is creating the Peplink Site-to-Site VPN between the 2 Balances getting aggregate throughput of all the WAN’s that you are using (you should get approximately 90% of total Bandwidth losing about 10% for VPN tunnel creation and upkeep).

An added benefit of using the Peplink solution is that the VPN does use 256-bit AES encryption keeping your data secure.

The Peplink Site to Site does only need one WAN to establish but will use all available to it, that way if one WAN does go down, you are not losing the tunnel.

The MAX is a great device for out in the field due to its flexibility; it has a large number of different connections/WANs it can use to get out to the net. Here is a link to our MAX family comparison guide to help you choose which one is best for you.

You would not need to keep the same style of WAN connection on either side (needing USB on both ends, etc) of the tunnel. Feel free to use what connections are available to you.

Finally, for 10 StS VPN connections, you would want to look at the Balance 380 minimum (this one is rated for 20 connections and 60mb of bonded VPN throughput). Of course, any of the higher models will work well as well. Take a look at the following link to see the Balance feature comparison stats and pay particular attention to the “Number of S2S VPN Peers” and “Bonded VPN Throughput” listings. These will tell what each of the Balances can do in regards to the VPN.

I do hope this information helps your decision Marc. If you have other questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we can go from there.

Best Regards,


The Peplink Team