SOHO WiFi WAN to Static IP LAN

I have a need to open six ports on the LAN side of my SOHO which I know how to do. My WiFi WAN is from a Verizon Jetpack (non static IP) and I need the LAN to have a static IP for one particular app to run.

My SOHO is:

Hardware Revision
Serial Number
6.3.3 build 2252

Is this possible?



Not sure what you mean by “the LAN to have a static IP …” Do you mean WAN? If so, you can set up DDNS and that will probably get you where you want to go (assuming VZW is not blocking what you want to do.) If you DO mean LAN, then it should be a simple matter of setting a static address on one or more of your LAN clients that is outside of DHCP range.
Can you clarify a bit?

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The app that I’m running on my PC requires a static ip. The Jetpack is dynamic, but I need the AP side to have the capability for this app to see a static IP. The app I’m running should never see the WAN IP is what I’m wanting.

I hope this is possible.

Thank you.


I’m sure I didn’t describe what I’m looking for correctly, but you are absolutely correct.
VZ will set up a static ip for my jetpack for $500.00. No monthly charge, but $500.00?

Your other options give me some things to work on.

I really like your WILL statement. One of your options should work for me.

Thank you very much.


Most likely VZW is handing you a private NAT’d IP address so even DDNS will not work in this case. I can’t think of a workaround for a static IP requirement aside from actually getting one. Thanks

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@EdAtlanta use FusionHub hosted in the cloud and PepVPN to it. Then you’ll have a public static IP that you can port forward to LAN side devices over VPN. Much cheaper than getting a public IP from a cellular operator.

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I set up a static ip ouside the DHCP range and set my pc to it. That still didn’t work with my USB connected voip device that needs a static ip.

Please discuss the address reservation you mentioned.

I appreciate your help very much. I’m going to win this battle yet.


This is a great idea. I have never done this so any directions would be much appreciated.

You can generate a trial license for FusionHub by logging into InControl2 and visiting your organisation license page. Then you just need to pick a hosting provider install Fusionhub, license it, create a VPN to it and then set your device to send all traffic via the Fusionhub.

I’m sure there are guides kicking about here I did a video tutorial back in 2015 showing how to install it on Elastichosts which you might find useful as a guide


Verizon charges $500 for an unbounded number of static IPs on personal plans - once you have paid the charge you can get static IP addresses for every line on the account. An NGO I am working with has 10+ static IPs across a number of cellular devices - at <$50 (one-time) per pop it is not a bad deal.