SOHO Surf Outbound Firewall rule not working - Help needed

New user looking for help to get outbound firewall domain restriction rule working.
SOHO Surf Mk3 Firmware 8.0.2 build 1480

Looking to limit access to specific gaming domains with a schedule, but so far unable to get any domain based deny rule to work.

Changing default rule to deny does block all domains
Content blocking does work.
See screen shot of rule.

VLANs and specific DNS server specified

Thank you!

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Just quickly checked and tested it. It works when you do it in Content blocking. should be under Advanced > Content Blocking in the Surf SOHO.
Just add to the Customized Domains. you can also exempt VLANs here if you want.
I wasn’t able to find if it is possible to schedule this.

Hopefully this help.

Kind regards,

Dylan van Elst
Frontier computer corp BV.


As of this evening the outbound firewall domain deny rule is working and with the schedule.
I can see the rule in effect in the event log now and I can see a couple min delay when I do schedule updates. Hopefully will continue working as expected

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