SOHO support the AP controller feature?

I have the Surf SOHO MK3 running firmware 8.1.1. Does this router support the AP controller feature, like the Balance, to allow you to have WiFi AP devices controlled by the main router? The current built in WiFi range is below average and I need to add an external AP.

These are the 2 Pepwave AP’s I would consider.

  • Pepwave AP One AC Mini
  • Pepwave AP One AX Lite

Sorry, no, the SOHO does not have this capability. I’d say the SOHO is intended as an “entry level” device, priced competitively and some features missing from the competition are not present in the SOHO. You can add an external AP but the SOHO won’t control it. (Your candidate models are good ones.)

My recommendation would be to upgrade to something like the Balance 20X. If you elect to continue with the SOHO I’d also suggest upgrading the firmware – you are three versions behind and Peplink has made some nice improvements (and implemented a few bug fixes) over the course of those versions.

Thanks for making that missing functionality clear. Yes, I do plan to upgrade the firmware to 8.2 after it has been out for a bit longer. There is no sense of urgency for that right now.

I have looked at the 20x but it is not really a fit for me… See this thread for the SOHO & 20x debate.