SOHO problem with firmware 6.3.0

I upgraded from 6.2.2 and immediately noticed my port forwards stopped working except for 80 and 443. They showed as active and working in the web portal but were closed up tight. I removed and added them back but still closed and locked.

The only way to fix was to downgrade back to 6.2.2 and all works again. FYI Once old firmware initialized and started the ports started opening and correctly ported.

Hope to fix it soon…I see it was released before Xmas so hope it was the eggnog and will be fixed soon.

Great product and normally stable firmware

Please upgrade to firmware version 6.3.1 and try again:

That worked. Thanks…I don’t know why only 6.3.0 showed up and not 6.3.1 when I clicked check for firmware on interface but 6.3.1 worked great…thanks!

All well…

Good deal, thanks for the update. :up: