Soho PPTP limits

Due to the pandemic, I have a client that converted their office to all remote. In the past I’ve had as many as 15-20 users connected to PPTP VPN. In the past couple of weeks, the number of connections seems go be getting less and less. As of today, I was able to have 6. More can connect to the VPN, but Remote Desktop won’t connect. And we have more than enough licenses for RDP.

Are there limits to the number of users? I haven’t been able to find any reference to it in the documentation… Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Hmmm. I’ll begin by deferring to the myriad of folks here who have more experience with SOHOs than do we. Having said that, I have two immediate reactions:

  1. PPTP? Demonstrably insecure. I’d recommend it be abandoned in favor of L2TP.
  2. The SOHO is an excellent device. While I do not believe there are any "hard " limitations on the number of remote users I strongly suspect that 20 may be exceeding RAM and/or CPU limits.

And, if you were to reboot the SOHO can the greater number of users connect (as per your past experience) – at least for a while?

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Thanks. Done the reboot several times. Hasn’t helped. I might have to switch to L2TP. Had to use PPTP because of some older computers.

Might be a good excuse to get rid of some old hardware. :grinning:
Frankly, I really would not use PPTP.

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Then too, RDP has a long history of bugs and vulnerabilities. Maybe try RealVNC. Much easier to change the port it uses and it also offers logging. And, it can work either in inny mode like RDP or in outy mode (my terminology).

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