SoHo or Balance 20?

I have a network with 3 users and 16 Sonos boxes. Plus 3 Apple TV’s and some “smart” tv’s that can stream online entertainment.

Planning to bring the network together in a 24 port smart switch (Gb of course) and have 4 - 6 wireless AP’s connected to take care of a seamless WiFi network of this very large house.

ISP is Comcast cable with 50/10 speed. But I am most concerned about the routing capability of all the data that is going to be streaming between Sonos, and the online services.

Dual Wan is nice but not my concern.

I know there a re very powerful routers like the Edgemax on the market but they lack a good UI and Support like Peplink offers.

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You should be able to get by with either device.

I would recommend the Balance One in your case as it still low cost and it allows scalability to add more devices to the current network. Whereas with the current network setup the B20/SOHO should work just fine but would be cutting it close to the max capabilities of the B20/SOHO.


I will look into the Balance One.

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Wow 4 weeks wait for the Balance One :eek:

It has definitely been a very hot product since it has came out. I would check with some of our re-sellers as well to see if they have some readily in stock.
We sell on Amazon as well