Soho MK3 user/pwd issues

I have a Soho mk3 and somehow have lost the username and password to enter the router. Is there a way to reset the username and password without losing all the current configuration inside the router?


Hi Mitchell, if you are using our InControl2 central management platform you can easily access your device via the Remote Web Admin feature.

Otherwise you would need to factory reset it and this will wipe everything.


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Refer to User Manual, page 105:

Please note, reset admin password will

  1. set admin user name/password to admin/admin
  2. set web admin port to 80/443
  3. only allow web admin access from LAN

I am logged into Incontrol2 BUT I do not see any provision to log in to device or change password Thanks

On the device dashboard of incontrol2 go to settings remote web admin.