SOHO mk3 throughput not as specified


Reading the posts regarding SOHO throughput makes it sound like the Surf SOHO mk3 can not deliver the 120 MB download speed that the product specs state. Is there an explanation for getting lower download speeds than the spec states?


  • ISP connection was upgraded to over 200 MB so I have set the upload and download settings and set the check box to enable DSL/Cable optimization. WAN speed settings are: 120 DL, 20 UL
  • Running firmware 7.1.0 build 1289
  • PC is connected via ethernet to the SOHO and is the only device on the network during tests.
  • Speed varies between 50 to 80 MB download.
  • Speed when connected directly to modem is over 200 MB.
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Hi JohnR2,
This could be firmware related so to rule this out please upgrade to the latest (7.1.2). The 120Mbps is also the total router throughput so if there is a lot of LAN to LAN traffic slowing the device down or it’s undersized for it’s deployment this could explain why you’re only getting 80Mbps.

Thank you

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Have a link to the download Collin?


Hi StevenG,
The Peplink firmware page is pasted below

Thank you

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Thank you!

umm… how do I tell which HW version I’m using? My dashboard says ‘Version 3’ but not seeing any D/L for a V3 (is it the Mk 3?)


Search for “Surf SOHO MK3” on this page:, precisely as @cschlegel suggested. Given the information you provided it is clear you have a SOHO Mk3, which also may be referred to as SOHO HW v 3.

I don’t have a SOHO handy but you may also be able to do an easy upgrade from System -> Firmware -> Firmware Upgrade. I’d try that first.

Note: FW 8.0 will be available in about two days.


I wanted to update to 7.1.2 but am unable to find a download for this version.
Do you know to get the install file for 7.1.2?



You can get the previous firmware using the following URL:

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Much appreciated !

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