Soho Mk3 router no longer picks up 2.4 Ghz wifi-wan connection

I have been using Wifi wan as my primary internet source for a few months now working rather well. Today the 2.4 ghz has stopped working, I can only see very strong signals but the reception is very weak. I have tried both builds 6.3.3 build 1068, 8.0.0 build 1429. I had to move it out of a cabnet in order for it to see 5 ghz signals, but the 2.4 ghz is still very weak. Any suggestions? using standard antenna.

Can you further elaborate the above ? How you verify the signal ?
Would you able to share the signal strength received for the 2.4Ghz WIFI WAN?

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Finally figured out the issue. I was having a hard time staying connected even with external antennas so I decided to limit my scan to 3 channels, they moved it from 6 to 11. Still attempting to get a more solid connection, the health connection constantly kicks me off the network and forces a reconnect using the latest firmware, it’s a bit more stable using the older firmware.