SOHO MK3 internal WiFi coverage in an Airstream

I just purchased a MK3 and love it so far. I have two AT&T hotspots (Mobley and Nighthawk). I have both working great on the MK3 and will normally use them for my access in the trailer (we fulltime). I am making the MK3 a ‘one-stop’ shop for OUR WiFi. All devices connect to the MK3, instead of figuring out what hotspot to use. That part is configured and working.

Where I am planning on mounting the MK3 might have issues for WiFi inside the Airstream (yes, it is pretty much a Faraday cage). I don’t have any intention of trying to use the MK3 WiFI antennas to grab/boost/duplicate any campground WiFi. I will work on a separate AP mounted on the roof for that.

Since the MK3 will be mounted low and next to the refrigerator, I might have signal issues inside the trailer. What would be a suggestion for some remote antenna WiFi setup, replacing the three on the back of the MK3 and being able to mount to the ceiling in the middle of the trailer? Maybe a dome looking contraption, I don’t know, hence the need for help.

I am interested in any ideas that anyone has.



I am not an expert on antennas. But, I do know that you can get an extension cord for the antennas that came with the router. That is, use the same antennas, just place them 20 feet away from the router. Here is a 25 foot cord that should work. They come in shorter lengths too. But again, no expert.

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