SOHO mk3 GRE Tunnel

I just received/setup this new router, upgraded to 8.1 which offers GRE tunnels. I configured a GRE tunnel on the device and the remote end (CISCO router). Both sides say the tunnel is connected. I cannot seem to get traffic to flow to either the GRE endpoint on the CISCO remote end but the CISCO can ping the mk3 side.

Now this is where it gets interesting, if I SSH into the mk3, I can see everything is working as expected. e.g., I can ping the CISCO side of the GRE tunnel, I can ping remove machines on the other side as well. But using the web interface on the mk3, no pings work and no traffic from the local LAN of the mk3 can ping anything on the remote side.

Is this a known problem? Is there something I forgot in the configuration?



The problem was on the CISCO side of the GRE tunnel. I had setup a static route on that side but it wasn’t setup properly. I had used the local IP address of the SOHO as the next hop but in reality it needed to be the IP address of the GRE tunnel itself. Once that was changed, all the traffic is flowing as expected in both directions.