Soho is on but not visible as wireless network on any device

This is happening more frequently. I see I am connected to my mobile hotspot instead of Peplink, then find Peplink is not even available as a wireless network even though the lights are green and everything seems normal on it. I pull the power plug, wait 10 seconds, reconnect it, and it is then visible. I do not know if this is related, but when I look at the event log it shows.“December 31” at 19:01 as the start-up date and time every time I restart it. Last night when I started it up it was June 22 and today was June 23, but both start ups are showing as the December 31st date and time. I also note the log shows repeated DHCP server assignments of the IP address of the Peplink to the same MAC address over and over. Is this somehow related to the problem? Here is a screenshot of the event log:

Hi Ellen. The “date/time” shown on the system log issue" is unrelated. The SOHO does not have a real-time clock so the system time must be updated via NTP when the router boots.

What version of FW are you running, may I ask?

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Hi Rick,
It is 8.1.1, build 4994

OK. Suggestion: Update your firmware using the “built-in” facility to do so.

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Will do. Thanks.

Hi Rick,
I am now in the third attempt to update the FW. The first time it hung at 64%, then I restarted the update and it hung at 79% so I left it running all night last night. It was still at 79% this morning and the router was no longer visible again, though all lights were normal. So I closed the FW update, unplugged the router, replugged it, and am now trying again. It has been showing 79% since this attempt started, about 15 minutes now.
Odd thing is that the firmware is now showing to be 8.2.1 on the status tab but I know the update never completed and it will still allow me to check for update and download update.
Does that indicate anything to you?
And thanks for your help, Rick.

Weird. I’m thinking you may mean you re seeing 8.1.2? 8.2.1 has not been released yet, so far as I know.

Let me suggest this … Assuming you have a SOHO Mk3, download the software here and try one more time. This will install 8.1.2s052 (a special version.) Download this to your computer which is connected to a LAN port and install from there.

If it takes much more than, say, 10 minutes, it’ll be time to enter a support ticket.

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If you are using Wifi WAN then that appears to be the issue that a lot are starting to see. Here is my ticket 21020058 for the same thing. I ended up just buying an external access point and shutting of the peplink internal AP.

I downloaded it but Bitser says it is in an unsupported format and will not unzip it.

It is an MK3.

Using the manual upgrade option in the web interface and that seems to be working…but it has been hung on 79% now for several minutes. The dreaded 79% hang.

Okay, I guess it is time for a support ticket. It has been hung on 79% for 20 minutes. Can you create one?

I spoke too fast. My laptop had disconnected from the Peplink and connected to my phone hotspot. When I found that, I reconnected to Peplink and it finished installing the update.
I will look at my wireless network priority list and move the Peplink up again. I believe I moved up the hotspot because Peplink kept disappearing. May the update will fix that now.
Thanks again for your help.

OK. Good. I guess you figured out that the FW you downloaded was not to be unzipped. :wink:

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Yes. I finally figured that out!:+1:

Other companies, such as Asus, download a zip file rather than the binary, and do force you to unzip it before doing a manual firmware update. And, the Peplink firmware download page does say anything about this, so confusion is understandable.

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Thanks, Michael234, I was feeling a little dumb not catching on right away on how to manually update. The good news is that my Soho has been “visible” continuously since the firmware update.

Never mind. I got it going again using the Ethernet cable. Not sure why it was not connecting to either of my phone’s hotspots. But it is connected again now.