Soho drops ap wifi

All of a sudden my AP wifi dionne ts my ipad or computer.
if connected trying to grt to the login is real slow…

what to look for?


Hi Larry,

Base on the description given, we may suspect that this may related to the WIFI 2.4Ghz interference issue for your environment. Possible to let me know how long the issue persisted and how often the issue to be happen ?

Do you have the WIFI channel scanner tools to monitor WIFI channel used for your environment ?

Do open a support ticket here, if you having difficulties to check on the mention items above.

Thank You
Sit Loong

I used the channel scanner built in MAC OS and found several othe wifi on my channel. I moved to another channel and it seems to be working.

not sure if I have all settings correct yet as I get delays in connecting…if you adk for a page it will start then hang for a few seconds then continue…that maybe WAN wifi poblem. Will see at next park I go to.

Hi Larry,

Have you try to connect to Surf Soho LAN port? Any different?

No I do not have devices with LAN port…the MAC is to far away snd others are ios devices
Working now except for the hang at the front of the request…that may be the WAN wifi AP. Will be moving tomorrow so we will see

THE NOTICES keep saying time sync failed…nit sure what this means but maybe that why it hangs…

Do the users stay connected to SOHO SSID, just no internet access?

Time Sync will go out the WAN and will attempt to sync with the specified time server (System>Time). If it is failing, there is either no internet access through the WAN or Time Server is the issue. You can try changing to if internet seems tobe fine. Assuming time sync issue was happening after reboot?

Users stay connected, but get these errors in the log
Where do you input TIME.NIST.GOV

can not find in the menues…


It will be under System>Time: Timer Server