SOHO Bandwidth Report

I do not understand the information on the hourly bandwidth report. For example, a given hour reports 964 MB download and 18 MB upload. If I click on the hour to get the usage by individual address, the report shows only 26 MB download and 4 MB upload. What are the purposes of the different reports, and why do they report different values? A similar discrepancy is also in the daily reports.

If I had to guess, the detailed hourly reports show actual traffic to and from the internet, while the summary reports show total traffic on the intranet, most of which does not go over the internet. Is this interpretation correct?

Are you using the latest firmware version? If not, please upgrade and check again. We do have improvement on this in latest firmware version.

I am using and am sill having the problem. Attached is a screen shot. Please note the detail for 8AM today.

Is there anything I can do to help track down this problem?


Please open a support ticket here for the team to check.

Thank You

I am running firmware 6.3.2 and there is no problem. The numbers for all LAN clients roughly add up correctly (some rounding error is to be expected). I could understand why it *might *not add up for the current hour. In your screen shot there was no data for the current hour, so it may have been a fluke condition. Have you tried this more than once? Tried an older hour? And, of course, it can’t hurt to reboot *any *device when its acting up.