Soho 6.0.3 needing recommendation for docsis 3.1 compatible modem

Hello, have old Surf Soho and recently moved. I now only have access to Cox internet service and the only service they offer that works with voip work-from-home tech is their gig package 1000 down and 35 up… I need the “up” to stay connected.

The modem Cox provides, “Panoramic” I put in bridge mode and it connects ok to the Surf-- however, any little electrical blip causing the Cox modem to even briefly, disconnect, means a call to Cox inside tech service during business hours only-- to get the thing reconnected. I’ve gone through two of their “new” modems.

For this service, Cox will only connect docsis 3.1 modems. I tried to get them to connect the SB6183 but no go.

Among the several docsis 3.1 modems, has anyone been using a reliable modem-only that would still connect with the Soho? I know the Soho old one does not support gig speeds but as long as the 35 up works, I only need 50-100 down anyway.

Any suggestions appreciated, thank you

Maybe the Cox modem is a little more sensitive to electric blips the your old Surf Soho. Have you tried putting equipment on a UPS?


  • SB6183 is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, your previous sentence about Cox states they require a 3.1 modem.
  • Just a FYI, if you are utilizing the “panaromic whole home wifi” feature, you have to keep their modem, and you cannot replace it with your own unless you want to lose that feature.

You are looking for anything that is rated DOCSIS 3.1 and compatible with Cox. Take a look at the SB8200, or something along those lines

Yes, most equipment is on a UPS but that gets turned off at night. Daily rebooting then requires a daily call to Cox to restart their modem. So I put the Cox modem only on a surge protector left on 24/7, that then had a momentary spike… and down again. Cox does offer a wide range of Cox compatible 3.1 alternates… but didn’t know if any of those might be compatible with my old Soho. But thanks for responding.

Thank you… have been looking into the Arris 8200, it is as well on the Cox compatible list. I don’t use the whole home wifi at all. Was hoping it would work with my old Soho. Will give it a try and return if it starts causing problems with the Soho. thanks again


Why are you having electrical blips? This doesn’t sound like a Cox issue, but an electrical issue. Cox would have no control over the power in your area. If there was a Cox/Power outage every night you would know.

The UPS would stop the “electric blips” as stated above. Why are you turning the equipment off at night, especially if its connected to a UPS? That seems to totally defeat the purpose of a UPS for me, they are meant to keep stuff powered for as long as possible if the actual power goes out.
- Try just leaving the equipment and UPS on for the night and see how the next morning goes.

The fact that everything is powered down for an extended period, and also potentially all powered up together is the other problem.

  • You will most likely need to power each device on by itself, the Cable modem will have to be powered up and fully connected first, then the SOHO.

thank you, I’ll experiment… equipment is powered off at night since there are often thunderstorms/lightening in the night that can affect my equipment, and that would outrun the “on time” of the UPS if triggered for a longer term outage. Perhaps it is that the Soho comes up faster than the modem when all goes off at once and is turned back on. I’m not sure I’ve tested turning the modem to fully operational first in all the sequences of trouble shooting but I’ll play with it when I have time, as well I think I’ll still try the Arris too and see if it’s more stable. Thank you for your time responding and your ideas.