Software based SD-WAN Gateway


We would like to ask if Peplink fusion hub supported to be a software based SD-WAN Gateway?

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Yes it is. FusionHub is a virtual appliance used as a gateway for SpeedFusion - which is part of Peplinks SD-WAN capability.


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"Peplink Grants to customer a non-exclusive transferable license without right to sublicense to use the software in executable form only " is peplink allow to customize the iC2 ??? because my client wants to upgrade / remove something on iC2


What do they want to change? There is the public version of IC2 ( thy can’t change anything on that - although the IC2 team respond to feature requests very favorably.

There is also the private version of IC2 which a customer can host on their own network. In theory you could modify that but you don’t want to as there are regular feature updates based on improvements sourced from the public version (and bug fixes too), so any customizations would be overwritten.

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