Social WiFi Hotspot on 3rd party AP's


Unfortunatly I’m unable to test this at the moment, thus my post on the forum.

As far as I know, Social WiFi Hotspot only works on WiFi-enabled Peplink/Pepwave devices.
Let’s say we’re using a Pepwave MAX HD4, will the Social WiFi Hotspot functionality still work if I disable the WiFi AP and connect a 3rd party WiFi AP via LAN?
The Pepwave MAX HD4 would then have to function as a Social WiFi gateway.

If this is not possible, I would highly recommend adding this to ALL Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX products, non-WiFi AND WiFi-enabled.
Some customers, such as cruise ships, yacht owners etc., require seamless roaming.
Pepwave AP’s do not support this and a Pepwave MAX HD4 is not going to cover a cruise ship with WiFi on it’s own.

This might not spark additional Pepwave AP sales, but I’m convinced it will help alot in selling Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX products in such projects.
There are multiple Social WiFi gateway solutions available, but I’d rather sell a Peplink/Pepwave solution than a Social WiFi gateway with a cheaper 4G router behind it.

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This is possible to use Social Wifi with HD4 (Captive Portal in InControl2 associated with Vlan) + 3rd party APs.

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Thanks TK,

Just to be clear, this will work for all Peplink/Pepwave models (WiFi and non-WiFi), except for the Balance 20, 30 and One Core?
Other products we will be mainly using, besides the HD4, will be the HD2 and the Transits.

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Yes, you are right!

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