Social WiFi Feature Request

Dear Peplink,

I work for a Gold Partner reseller in The Netherlands.
We get a lot of different requests from loads of different branches.

Some of these requests involve a customer with slow DSL connection who is temped to start a 4G subscription.
4G subscriptions are limited most of the time, but DSL is not.
So when you’re sharing this 4G subscription with multiple users, Social WiFi is a great solution for time and/or bandwidth limitation per user.

In the case that made me request this feature, we have a customer that wants the daily quota’s of the Social WiFi feature to only apply to a set WAN connection, in this case the Cellular WAN.
Since they are using the DSL connection as a backup when the 4G datalimit has been reached, the daily quota’s that are ment for the Cellular WAN should no longer apply until the Bandwidth Allowance Monitor resets.

Would it be possible to add this functionality to the Social WiFi feature?
I don’t think it would take too much time to implement and offers even more flexibility.
We can imagine much more situations where this would come in handy.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

Joey van der Gaag