Social Wi-Fi client re-login

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Is there has any way to keep Social Wi-Fi login alive if client still not reach quota limit and session timeout but move out the wireless coverage and return?

Scenario: hundreds AP are managed by IC2, with same SSID and Social Wi-Fi profile.
User login with his social media account at site A then he move to site B.
There has no Wi-Fi coverage in the passageway between site A and site B.
User doesn’t not reach his quota limit and over session timeout.
But he will need to re-login when he connect to site B’s AP

There has BPL-580 and BPL-380 for link load balance.
APs: APO-ENT (mostly), in router mode, each AP as their own DHCP server.

I know the the sign-in session is applied to all APs applied with the same SSID.
So when a client roamed to another AP, they will not need to sign in again.
But what if the scenario has wireless signal blind zone?

Can i solve it like assign all Wi-Fi client has same gateway to keep session alive?
(Maybe assign particular DHCP server?)
Or changed AP’s management host from IC2 to balance? (then using captive portal)
Or maybe IC2 already remember those MAC address, facebook account then should IC2 can redirect them to [sign-in screen] start browsing?

Thank you.

After a client has signed in to the captive portal (no matter which access mode it is), the client shall normally do not need to sign in again after roaming. In some high latency networks, the user may see a pop up browser. With the latest InControl 2.3.5 (running on mars now, will be available on earth in Jan 3), the client will immediately be signed in again. iOS users shall just see the landing page. Android users shall see the pop up browser hiding up automatically after a little while.

If your setup is not behaving the same as what I described, please send DM me your IC2 URL.

Hi Michael,

Many thanks.