Social media login with Tripadvisor / Yelp etc


Can we have more options than Facebook please?
A specially for hospitality and restaurants options like TripAdvisor and Yelp would be great.


Hi Rogier,

AFAIK, TripAdvisor and Yelp’s APIs also do not provide any user’s information to us. We are not able to even collect users’ email address or name. Their APIs are mainly for locating restaurants and hotels. So there is not much value to integrate the two services to our captive portal. Correct me if I missed anything.

However we are working on adding LinkedIn and Twitter support. Stay tuned.


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The value would be that clients might be more inclined to leave a review or hit the “like” button :slight_smile:

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You are right. It is feasible on PCs and Android phones. But on iOS, after a user signed in with the TripAdvisor/Yelp services on the pop-up “Auto Login” browser and gained Internet access, he/she could not leave a review right on the browser. When tapping any link on the Auto Login browser, the iOS will just close the browser and open the link on Safari. Yes, that’s how iOS behaves and we cannot change. However the last sign-in session will be lost. The user will have to sign in on the Safari again (if he/she didn’t do so on the Safari before).

I’d suggest to just use any one of existing access modes (e.g. Open Access, Sign in with Facebook). Then change the “Start Browsing” button to a “Leave us a review on Yelp” button, and link it to the restaurant’s Yelp page. So users will just need to sign in once on Safari.

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Regarding the value that ScooterIT has posted, It also has a big value for us that clients “share” or “like” on Facebook… :slight_smile: