Social Media APPS getting delay

HI everyone … we have HD MAX 4 on our site , it has 2 satellite Wan connections . from the Lan side total bandwidth is getting 42 Mbps download and 5 Mbps uploading speed . when i testing, i noticed youtube is playing perfectly without buffering , but i could see delay on whatsapp , instagram as well as snapchat and other stuffs … so i needed to give more priority to these social media applications . so wich algoritham can help me with this ? or any other way to get more speed ? i hope you guys understand my problem …
please help me with this .
thanks for advance :slight_smile:

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Can you describe the experience / delay please. Is it all the time?


yes sir … when tring to sent or recieving media its getting delay on whatsapp …
instagram and snapchat videos still buffering .

So I suspect that the problem you are seeing is the result of the high latency over satellite internet links. There is generally very little you can do about that.

I wrote something about it here:

Anything that is not real-time (like youtube or file downloads) will be slow to start and then work very well. General internet browsing tends to be painful. Anything real-time (VoIP, chat etc) is horrible.

If all you have is satellite then that’s your reality I think.