I guys,

Please, How can I get information about CPU Load and Memory with snmp? Is it possible?

Hello Rodrigo,

This is a popular feature request to have this information show up with SNMP. This will surely be coming out in a future firmware release; unfortunately this is not available currently. Once we do have a firmer timetable for the feature, we will make sure to announce its availability.

I do appreciate your patience in this matter.

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The Peplink Team

Hi Jason,

Is snmp now available on the Peplink Wave Mobile Max ?:confused:



Hi Ryan,

We still do not support CPU Load and Memory usage via SNMP. This functionality will be coming down the road…

Any update on the SNMP functionality for Pepwave devices? Specifically the Pepwave AP One.

This is a work in progress. And not as often we hear CPU Load and Memory usage via SNMP for AP One. Let me move this to the Feature Request forum to hear some more.

Kurt, I’m actually looking more specifically for network data, but CPU and memory data would be a big plus.
Currently I am only able to pull SNMP message rates in and out as well as up time.
I haven’t been able to pull any network data and haven’t found any support resources which lead me to believe that data is not currently available on the AP One.
Can you currently pull network data via SNMP on an AP One?

Yes Tx and Rx bytes are available by SNMP among other network stats. Let me attach the MIB file for the latest AP One firmware 3.2.3 here. Have a walk with the MIB and see what else is supported.

If you are using 3.3.1, you may download the MIB file here.

Thanks for the MIB files.

I was able to find running totals for RX and TX rates, but that doesn’t help all that much.

I really need to see the current kbps in and out of the ap.
Beyond that I also need to be able to pull rx and tx errors, signal quality, etc.
I’ve gotten a lot of complaints of extremely slow and sometimes laggy network access while using the AP-One. Using the resources available from the AP-One I’ve been unable to find the root cause of the problem.
I’ve even upgraded the antenna which has helped fix some of the signal quality problems, but I still get complaints even when the client is using their device within a few feet of the ap.
See below for a screenshot of the current clients and their rx/tx errors. Compare that to the other screenshot from the router which is a $70 d-link product. I’m at the point of just returning the Pepwave products and buying cheap routers that I know work.