SNMP write


For my service, I need to closely adapt the configuration of the mobile HD2/HD4/MOTG remotely.

This includes:

managing the primary SIM CARD A=>B, B=>A
managing the volume limit
activation/deactivation of WAN

The rules managing these changes cannot come from the router itself, they are dependent on external factors.

I wanted to do all this via SNMP but, apparently, we can create only read-access users.

Is there a possibility (expert mode?) to push specific points of configuration remotely? The alternative would be to push a full config but this is too much impacting and heavy to manage.


Hi PG,

May I know Remote Web Admin in InControl2 can meet your requirements? Make sure your your devices are under warranty and having v6.1.2 and above.

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This task needs to be automated to change config almost every month on the whole pool. The remote webadmin is perfect for oneshot change on one or two devices only.

I checked the API and didn’t find it also.


I will move your thread to Features Request for product team to take consideration.

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My desire for writing values via SNMP are much simpler. I would like to set things that are normally definable by customers: sysName, sysLocation and sysContact.


I will write under this topic, has there been any progress with SNMP write for BR/MAX series devices? Would like to use this in one solution, but snmp access mode “read-only” seems to be the only one available.


Do you have more info to share for your request ? What are the option you need to using SNMP write to the device ?

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Hello, similar to user Marty_Skinner, either sysName, sysLocation or sysContact, would be nice.