SNMP value lookups

I am monitoring my Balance 380 with PRTG. I have found the MIBs and used the MIB Importer tool from PRTG to change the MIB to the OIDLIB that PRTG uses for monitoring. This works great. However, most of the information is pretty useless. Most of the sensor values are just a single digit number that almost assuredly means something to the Peplink, but has no value lookup for PRTG to display the information in plain language that would mean something to me.

Sensors such as “port wan speed index” and “port wan speed” display just a 1 at this point. I have to assume that means something like 100FD (100 full duplex) or 1000FD (1000 full duplex) however the MIB and OIDLIB are not getting any of those values to pass to PRTG.

Any help for this would be greatly appreciated.

May I know what firmware version you are using? Please upgrade to v6.3.1 if you are using old firmware.

We are using 6.2.2 and are getting ready to upgrade to 6.3.1 in our next maintenance cycle.

We have updated to 6.3.2 at this point and PRTG still just shows the integer value. We are using the MIB created for the 6.3 firmware.

Is there anywhere I could get the Lookups from to translate these Integer values to something more human friendly?


Are you looking for the OID for WAN port speed? If so, this is the OID - .

Hope this help.

Thanks, but that is not it. I need to discover what the Integer value represents in general information so I can write a lookup value for PRTG to use so the information is more user friendly.

For example, if the query returns a 1 when it checks WAN speed PRTG will actually show that the WAN speed is 1Gbps, or a 2 means 100Mbps, and so on. The integer value that is returned does me little good as I don’t know what it represents.


Guessing you are referring to the description for each of the defined OIDs value. Basically it had been included in the MIB files.

You can view the description by browsing the MIB files using theMIB browser. For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot.

Do let us know if any of the OID description is insufficient for you and we can improve the description from time to time.

Thank You