Snmp pepwave


I’m using the zabbix software to monitor the AP One 300, but I can not capture the inbound and outbound interfaces.

In collecting the zabbix the input traffic information (IF-MIB :: ifInOctets.1) and output (IF-MIB :: ifOutOctets.1) remains at zero.

I then decided to use the snmpwalk command and the strange thing is that the input and output values do not change even the AP being with heavy traffic.

The SNMP AP One 300 provides these interface traffic information?

The tests were made with firmware with equipment 3.3.10, 3.3.11 and 3.4.1


Hi Hug,

This has been fixed in v3.5.1. Please download here.

Thank you.


Problem solved!

Because this firmware is not available for download on the site?

This is a beta version?

It is basically a special firmware that has SNMP feature fixed but hasn’t been fully tested yet

The interface follows the line of Peplink and really liked it.

This firmware is the new line will follow the pepwave?

Hello Correct, Should be the next release as 3.5.0 is our current official GA firmware.